You Can Make Your Money Grow!

You Can Make Your Money Grow

Does money grow on trees? Definitely not, and never will!  Kahit anong gagawin mo hindi tutubo ang pera sa isang puno ng kahoy!  BUT, with proper management of your money, pwede mong patubuin ang pera mo tulad ng mga puno ng kahoy! (you can make your money grow like trees!)

Hi! I'm John, a financial adviser and welcome to Palaguin ang Pera Mo!  ( Make your Money Grow!). I'm here to share with you what I have learned and experienced that help my savings grow at least 30% in just one year. That's even before I got my license as a financial adviser and I did it without selling a thing!

You Don't Need ...

You don't to be a millionaire or a business man, or a manager to follow what I will share to you. In fact, maniwala kayo o hindi, nagsimula ako nung ang sahod ko ay PHP 7,000.00 kada buwan lamang. Yes, I started when I was only earning only a measly PHP 7,000.00 a month, At the time of writing that's only USD 140.00 a month.

This means, kahit ikaw ay isang:

  • minimum wage earner, 
  • office clerk, jeepney, taxi, ortricycle driver
  • fish /meat vendor
  • kahit estudyante pa lang, 
Or kung ikaw ay:
  • negosyante - maliit man o malaki
  • OFW - Overseas Filipino Worker
  • Call Center Agent
  • Banker, Engineer, Doctor, etc...
  • In other words, kahit ano ang trabaho mo!
Pwede kang magtipid at pwede mong palaguin ang pera mo. And that's what I will share to you!

What NOT to Expect from this site

  1. Multi-level Marketing or networking. I'm not going to sell you any MLM  products or recruit you to join them, although I'm not limiting myself and I might recommend the ones that I will find worth recommending. There are some good networks out there that sell great products, but this blog is not about MLMs.
  2. Get Rich Quick Scheme. What I will teach you is not a get-rich-quick scheme. 

What I will Share To You

These are the things that I will share to you (but not limited to these)
  1.  How to save money.
  2.  What to do with your savings and how to make it grow.
  3. The joy of sharing.


If you continue reading my posts here, you will become more financially literate and you might...
  1. No longer buy the favorite brand of clothes, shoes, bags, or anything else. and become more practical in buying things
  2. Use your credit card less
  3. Eat less on your favorite fast food restaurant.
  4. You will learn to save first before spending.
  5. You will start sharing or share more your blessings.
  6. Spend more time working at first, but make sure still spend quality time with your family
  7. Look for additional sources of income
  8. Observe other changes in your lifestyle
So, if you want to experience these changes in your life, you are welcome to visit this site again and read my future posts. 

Before I close this welcoming post I want to leave you a challenge.

Can you save at least PHP30.00 a day for a year? Think about it. that is PHP 900.00 a month and that's PHP 10,800.00 a year!

If you can save that much, I will share to you how to turn that PHP30.00 a day into a million in a few years!

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you.